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Thank you for considering S A Everything to design your website. 
We, at S A Everything, have the facility to create any website to match your needs - from economic "Billboard" adverts to a fully interactive, e-commerce enabled Flash creation. We ensure that your site is optimised for Search Engine spidering, and will actively promote your website within our own search engine.
If you have not registered the domain name you require - please register it here - we will respond shortly
If you have registered the domain name you require - please transfer it here - we will respond shortly

Free full colour HTML introduction page with hosted web package, R250.00 per full colour HTML page thereafter ( we recommend, for search engine efficiency, one page per "department" ). R350.00 per full colour with graphics HTML page (approximately A4) without hosting services.
Flash, e-commerce, data-base & fully interactive websites require assessment prior to pricing.

Design procedure:-
Upon you signing up for one of our web site packages, we will:-
  • Liase with you concerning your overall requirements & expectations.
  • Design a draft skeleton site for your appraisal.
  • Add content once the "look & feel" is established to your satisfaction.
View sample R2,500.00 web site  /  View sample R4,500.00 web site  /  Contact us for more info

You supply:-
We expect you to supply us with:-
  • Your contact details and corporate logo - (your letter head)
  • Literature - brief entity history, brief description of activities, etc.,
  • Graphics, photographs etc.,
If you do not have a corporate ID, we can create one on your behalf - contact us here

Design emphasis:-
Our emphasis on site design is quick download speed, getting the message to the viewer, integrated into an aesthetically pleasing presentation. To this end we recommend the average start up company initially has an HTML site. "Flash" interactive sites can be built at a later stage.
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