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  National Electrical Contractors Association (S A)
  S A Institute of Electrical Engineers
  Alternative Power Supply
  National Gener8
  Master Power Technologies
  Pretoria Dynamic Solutions
  NRG Technologies
  Aluminium Conductors    
  Johannesburg   Alcon Marepha
  Automation Systems    
  National   Triac Automation
  Battery Power Packs    
  National   Powerpak
  Busbar Installations
  Johannesburg Busbar Installations
  Cable Distributor    
  Johannesburg   Versalec
  Cable Fault Locating    
  National   F & A Cables
  Cable Jointing
  Cape Town Atlantic Power
  Cabling Accessories    
  Johannesburg   Stone-Stamcor
  Cold Rooms / Freezers    
  Johannesburg   Africhill
  Electrical Cable Supplier
  National Alvern Cables
  Three-D Agencies
  Johannesburg   Versalec
  Electric Motor Suppliers
  Richards Bay   Zest Electric
  Electrical Appliances
  National   S A Everything - Appliances
  Electrical Cables    
  National   Alvern Cables
  Johannesburg L & O Sales
  Electrical Components
  National Hellermann Tyton
  Electrical Contractors    
  National Faradays Electrical
  Cape Town Centrelec Electrical Contractors
  J E H Electrical
    Electrician Cape Town
  Johannesburg LTC Electrical
  Bonte Electrical
  Electricians 24 7
  Power Speed Electrical
  Electricians Johannesburg
  Pretoria   Electrician Pretoria
      Electrician Pretoria
  Electrical Enclosures
  National Power Process Systems
  Electrical Engineers
  Johannesburg Una Rine Consulting
  Electrical Wholesalers
  National Voltex
  Waco Industries
  Bloemfontein   Elektro Vroomen
  Cape Town Plumstead Electrical Wholesalers
  RG Jack & Son
  Mercury Electrical
  Durban   ARB Electrical Wholesalers
  East London North and Robertson
  Free State Elektrovroomen
  Gauteng Latin Electrical
  Johannesburg Mercury Electrical
  Khanyisa Electrical Suppliers
  Ideal Electrical & Mining Supplies
  KwaZulu-Natal   VRS Electrical Wholesalers
  Pretoria   Electrahertz
    Latin Electrical
  Vereeniging Century Electrical
  Noble Motor & Control
  Witbank Witbank Electrical Wholesaling Agencies
  Electricity Bill Savings
  Gauteng Electricity Saving
  Electronic Components
  Gauteng Rabtron
  Port Elizabeth MCJ Electronics
  Energy Efficient Lighting  
  Johannesburg   Relight
  Energy Saving Products  
  KwaZulu-Natal Magnet Group
  Fridge Repairs
  Pretoria Fridge Repairs Pretoria
  Generator Suppliers
  Cape Town   Superwatt
  Langford Power
  Johannesburg Bundu Power
  High Voltage Testing
  Johannesburg H.V. Test South Africa
  HVAC Equipment    
  Johannesburg   Petra Engineering Industries
  Jointing Kits    
  National   Metaplast
  LED Lights
  Online Future Light
  Pretoria LED Lighting Solutions (Africa)
  Lighting Shops    
  Port Elizabeth   Algoa Lighting
  Magnetic Switches    
  Johannesburg   Trew Switch
  Motor Rewiring services
  Gauteng Ernest Electro Engineering
  Nuclear Power
  International International Atomic Energy Agency
  World Nuclear Association
  Prepaid Electricity    
  National Prepaid24.co.za
  Power conductors    
  Johannesburg   Alcon Marepha
  Power Saving Suppliers
  Johannesburg Optimum Energy
  Enyuka Green
  Power Saving Tips
  Online Powersaving
  Power Station Services    
  National Southern Power Maintenance
  Power Suppliers
  National Eskom
  Pretoria   Penbro Kelnick
  Renewable Energy
  International Energy Foundation
  International Energy Agency
  Solar Products
  National Sol Square
  Cape Town SolEnergy
  George   Powerhour Solar
  Johannesburg GoSolar
  Plan My Power
  Solar Pumps
  Port Elizabeth Watermax Solar Pumps
  Splicing Kits    
  Johannesburg   Metplast
  Transformer Suppliers    
  Johannesburg   Trans Electron
  Water & dosing pumps  
  Durban National Rotating Equipment

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